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Monument Urn with Custom Engraved Photo



For the correct urn size, please refer to the following information to help make the best decision based on your pet’s healthy weight:

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Urn Wood Variety
The text exactly as it will appear on the urn.

The price of the urn already includes the pet and family surname.  If you would like alternative text, please type it in exactly as you wish it to appear below.

Enter Text Here (38 characters max. including spaces) 
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Optional Additional Lines of Text ($15.00 per additional line)

If you do not wish to have additional lines of text, please leave the below fields blank.

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Type Setting

Please choose the letter case style for your text.

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Let us design what looks best
Custom Photo Engraving

Please select below if you would like to have your pet's photo engraved in Wood or Marble.

In Marble
In Marble
In Wood
In Wood
Add Optional Extended Base

The Text and or Name Plaque you have selected will be applied to the Extended Base if you select "Yes" for this option.  The urn in the thumbnail below is an EXAMPLE and may not be the urn you have selected.  "Please note: The engraving on the top of the urns displayed is for sample use only.  The urn you will receive, will not have engraving on the top"

No (No extended base needed.)
Upload an image of your pet

Click the "Upload File" button to search the images on your computer.  Images that are 4x6 or larger and at least 300dpi are recommended.

Photo Upload
Epitaph Options

You have the option of including an epitaph on the back of your urn. Please choose from the options below whether you would like to have the Rainbow Bridge Epitaph included, or if you would like to type your own. You can even choose the material such as wood or metal.  Below you will see examples of the Rainbow Ridge epitaph also displayed in both Wood and Metal styles. 

Type Your Own Epitaph Below

If you chose one of the "Type your own" options from the drop down menu above, please type the content of your epitaph in the box below.

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